Founded by the Melbourne Jazz Co-operative in 1997, this year marks the 25th. Anniversary of the Festival (having not run in 2008 and 2011 due to lack of funding). Curated by Sonja Horbelt, it will be staged over December 3-10 at The Jazzlab. Featured artists include Teri Roiger (New York),) Peggy Lee (Canada), AURA CD launch, Beyond the Lake, Sasha Gavlek Quartet (Tas/Melb), Elly Hoyt : My Nightingale (UK/Tas/Melb), Lara Bello Quartet (Spain/Melb), Ilaria Crociani (Italy/Melb), Mim Crellin EP preview (Adel/Melb), Monash University’s “Sounding Change” ensembles with Monique diMattina, a free singer’s symposium at MCM featuring a panel of vocalists including Michelle Nicolle, Gian Slater, Nina Ferro and Harriet Allcroft, Zöj, Across Silence, Little Big Band directed by Angela Davis plus the GDJ Student concert.

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