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Mike Nock – Stephen Magnusson – Julien Wilson
Friday April 7, The Salon – Melbourne Recital Centre

At 76, Sydney-based pianist/composer Mike Nock is simply a legend of Australasian jazz, with an international profile based on a 25-year career in the U.S.A., and recordings with artists such as Michael Brecker, on international labels such as ECM. The recipient of the 2009 ‘Bell’ Australian Jazz Awards ‘Hall of Fame’ award, he is not one to rest on his laurels. Nock stays ‘musically fresh’ by collaborating with younger musicians, and taking musical ‘chances’. One example is this bass-less and drummer-less project with two acclaimed Melbourne musicians: tenor saxophonist Julien Wilson and guitarist Steve Magnusson (both recipients of the 1993 and 2000 National Jazz Awards). With Nock on piano and keyboards, they produced memorable concerts of spontaneous and creative music making as part of the 2013 Wangaratta Festival, and earned critical acclaim for their 2014 Sydney concert. Making this concert even more of a special event, Nock will open with a solo piano bracket. He has produced several great albums of solo piano over the past three decades on US, European, Australian and NZ labels, and an album of his compositions was recorded by acclaimed pianist Michael Kieran Harvey.

“Nock made the music more playful, dense, dramatic and unpredictable. When Nock turned to synthesiser – an instrument to which he, too, brings a unique approach, but very seldom plays – the combination with the guitar made the whole sound world suddenly more capricious and marvelously intangible. It was disorienting in the best sense, and therefore both magical and exhilarating”. – John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald, December 14, 2014

7pm, $30/ 25.

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