PBS Jazz Elder

Congratulations to pianist/composer Hue Blanes, winner of the sixth PBS Young Elder of Jazz Commission.

Blanes will create a new work – Things That Have Been Said – an instrumental work that uses famous (and infamous) quotes from history as the source material for a suite of new works.

The work will be performed by a quartet that brings together musicians with backgrounds in both jazz and classical music, and will premiere at the 2017 Festival.

The PBS Young Elder of Jazz is supported through the generosity of Mark Newman.

Jazztrack Celebrating 40 Years

The ABC Music label has released a 3 CD set, curated by Mal Stanley, featuring previously unreleased Australian recordings made by the ABC since 1976 to celebrate Jazztrack’s 40th Anniversary. There are both studio and live recordings of a veritable ‘who’s who’ of Australian jazz (such as McGann, Grabowsky, Nock). As such, it is an essential collection. Available from ABC stores for $29.99 r.r.p.